Looking for an e-commerce solution that will make your online business dreams come true? Then you must have heard of Shopp.

Shopp | I-pay Instant EFT

This solution is easy to use for business owners and presents a store that is even easier to navigate for customers.


Their shopping cart feature has all the bells and whistles a shopper could want – they can manage the quantity of their items, and shipping, tax and discounts are automatically calculated and updated if items are added to, changed, or removed from the cart.

Shopp | I-pay Instant EFT
Shopp | I-pay Instant EFT


Further, businesses can offer their customers promos to incentivise them to shop. Promo codes are easily managed. Whether it’s for specific items, or categories of goods, rules are effortlessly created and implemented.


In addition, perhaps the most useful and appreciated feature is the customers’ ability to select their delivery location and < get an immediate calculation on shopping and tax costs. These estimates also include all additional handling surcharges that may be payable.

Shopp | I-pay Instant EFT
CS-Cart | I-pay Instant EFT

There are currently 160 000 active Shopify stores around the globe that, combined, have made $8 billion worth of sales.

Add your store to these impressive figures with i-Pay. We will integrate our payment solution into your e-commerce store so that you can open up your market to EFT-paying online customers, too.

The convenience of making cashless payments via
PC, SMS, Email, QR or Push Payment methods.