If you’re looking for an e-commerce platform that truly understands the mutable nature of the buying and selling process, then Shopify is your solution.

Shopify | I-pay Instant EFT

The purchasing process has changed drastically in the last decade, and if you’re going to really make money selling online, you need a platform that can grow and change with the times.


With this platform, you can customise your storefront to look just how you want, and if you’re not the Picasso of design, it’s OK – there are hundreds of templates to choose from, and you can make them whatever colours you like, with whatever content you need.

Shopify | I-pay Instant EFT
Shopify | I-pay Instant EFT


Further, once you receive an order from your Shopify site, you’ll immediately get an email or SMS, keeping you in the loop with what’s happening in your store at all times.


In addition, you can load as many products into your store extas you need – no ridiculous limits. And once all of your goods are up, customers can find you through search engine optimisation, which is a feature that comes standard with your Shopify store.

Shopify | I-pay Instant EFT
CS-Cart | I-pay Instant EFT

There are currently 160 000 active Shopify stores around the globe that, combined, have made $8 billion worth of sales.

Add your store to these impressive figures with i-Pay. We will integrate our payment solution into your e-commerce store so that you can open up your market to EFT-paying online customers, too.

The convenience of making cashless payments via
PC, SMS, Email, QR or Push Payment methods.