nopCommerce is one of the leading free, open source e-commerce software solutions that allows online business owners to customise their stores to showcase their goods.

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It’s little wonder that nopCommerce has been downloaded more than a whopping 1.5 million times. With the supportive community and the ability to customise the software to suit any business, nopCommerce is the first choice for many merchants who are looking for a solution to their rapidly-expanding businesses.


This shopping cart software makes it easy for consumers to buy online, which is the ultimate aim of any e-commerce software. One of its main selling features is consumers can make purchases on their mobile devices. With search engines like Google reporting that there is an ever-upward trend of mobile search and usage, having a mobile-friendly store is non-negotiable.

Nopcommerce | I-pay Instant EFT
Nopcommerce | I-pay Instant EFT


Further, if you’re a serial entrepreneur and you’ve got multiple online stores, you can run all of them from a single nopCommerce installation. All of your admin is located in one panel – an e-commerce store owner’s dream!


Further, multi-vendor features can be utilised so that, no matter what product is sold, an order can immediately be placed with the relevant vendor – all automated.

Nopcommerce | I-pay Instant EFT
CS-Cart | I-pay Instant EFT

If this all sounds awesome, just wait ‘til you hear the rest.

When you integrate i-Pay into your nopCommerce store, you can target consumers who prefer to pay via EFT. Our credit card free system means that the risk of fraud is eliminated, and you receive payment for goods almost instantly. Contact us today to integrate i-Pay into your store.

The convenience of making cashless payments via
PC, SMS, Email, QR or Push Payment methods.