BIGCOMMERCE Big Commerce is one of the fastest growing e-commerce platforms in South Africa. Their offering is comprehensive and is ideal for just about any industry, and SMEs as well as large companies.

Bigcommerce | I-pay Instant EFT

With Big Commerce, you’ll get a site, a domain name, a secure and easy-to-use shopping cart for your customers, a catalogue to display all of your products, access to comprehensive reports on your e-commerce site, and, what is vital in the modern online marketplace, a store that is optimised for mobile and the ability to implement search engine optimisation. With SEO on your e-commerce store, you’ll be able to appeal to a wider target audience because people will be able to find you in Google, Yahoo! and Bing searches.


In addition to all of this, you can also integrate your social media platforms with your store – we all know what a depthless well of marketing social media is.

Bigcommerce1 | I-pay Instant EFT
Bigcommerce2 | I-pay Instant EFT


Big Commerce is also one of the best platforms for making a store look attractive and appealing to potential customers. As people are putting their faith in your store by buying your goods and services without being able to physically inspect them first, it’s vital that you make your offering as tempting as possible.

CS-Cart | I-pay Instant EFT

You can have all of this from Big Commerce as well as a reliable, secure and convenient payment solution for your customers. We will help you integrate i-Pay into your Big Commerce store and set you on your way to making money online!

The convenience of making cashless payments via
PC, SMS, Email, QR or Push Payment methods.