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As part of using the i-Pay service, we offer a free Consumer Protection Programme. Should any unauthorised payments be made from your bank account through the i-Pay online payment processing service, we will reimburse you the full amount up to R10, 000.

Should you receive a notification of a transaction that you have not authorised, or you suspect fraudulent activity on your account through i-Pay, you may contact our Customer Service department.

For your own safety, we strongly advise that you enable all required online banking privacy and safety settings.

* Please note that should unauthorised transactions occur on your account that do not concern or involve i-Pay, we will not be held responsible nor do we offer our consumer protection programme. this programme applies only to unauthorised payments made using i-Pay.

Dispute Settlement on Purchases

Through using the i-Pay service, you may dispute the following with the merchant via our dispute forum:

  • A physical product that you did not receive after purchase.
  • A physical product that is considerably unalike what was described on the website.

Our specialists will assist you in settling the dispute by collecting data and information pertaining to the transaction in question.

Dispute Settlement on Purchases | I-pay Instant EFT
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Should consumers have a complaint against a business, they may follow i-Pay’s complaints process in order to reach a settlement or resolution. However, we strongly advise that consumers first approach the merchant to resolve a dispute, as this is typically the best method of amicably resolving disputes and other issues. Should this approach not effectively settle a dispute, consumers may file a claim with our Disputes department, which will then investigate the matter and gather information. Should the business owe money to the consumer, we will endeavour to provide a full refund within 45 days from the date that the claim was filed. Our free protection programme for shoppers guarantees that unauthorised protection- from the consumer’s account of up to R10, 000 made through the i-Pay payment processor, will be reimbursed.

Complaints Process

Should you wish to file a complaint and enter into a dispute with the consumer through the i-Pay forum, you are required to have/do the following:

  • You used i-Pay to purchase a product.
  • You did not receive the product, or the product that arrived is considerably unalike what was described on the website.
  • File a claim within 45 days of payment of the product.
  • The product is physical and is not intangible, nor is the product a service.

* Please note that the Business Protection Programme excludes high risk merchants.

Complaints Process | I-pay Instant EFT

Definition of "Considerably Unalike What was Described"

This occurs when the product you received is physically and considerably unalike or different to what was described on the website. For example:

Received incorrect item

You received an item that is entirely different – you ordered a chair and received a vase.

Condition of item

The condition of the product is not as it was described – you may have ordered a new guitar but received a second-hand guitar.

Unauthentic item

The website advertised the item as authentic and the product you received is not genuine.

Missing crucial features

The product is missing crucial features, but this lack of features was not listed on the website.

Incorrect number of items

You did not receive the total number of products that you ordered and purchased.

Considerably Unalike What Was Described does NOT include items that are physically similar to what was described on the website. For example:

Defective item

The product has a defect that was listed by on the website.

Unwanted item

You no longer want the item that you ordered.

Item described incorrectly

The item was described accurately but it is not what you expected.

Item damaged

The item has minor scratches and defects but was listed as being used or second-hand.

Missing number of items

You did not receive the total number of products that you ordered and purchased.

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