Merchant Benefits

Make online transactions easy for your customers and clients with instant guaranteed EFT payments using i-Pay.

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No Fraud System

The precise i-Pay payment system ensures no occurrence of chargebacks or fraud.

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Real-time Payments

Customer payment is paid directly into any account of your choosing.

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Low Fees

Transaction fees from as low as 1,5% enabling you to make money and save it.

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Simple Process

With the simple online payment process, there are less abandoned carts and more happy customers.

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Instant Notifications

Get notified instantly if and when any transactions occur.

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Increase Sales

Entice new customers by offering a credit card free solution for online shopping.

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Safe and Secure

i-Pay is trusted by businesses and shoppers alike in South Africa.

The convenience of making cashless payments via
PC, SMS, Email, QR or Push Payment methods.