Real-time eft security

Real-time eft security | I-pay Instant EFT
Thawte certificate | I-pay Instant EFT

Thawte Certificate

With our Thawte certificate, i-Pay is able to offer the utmost levels of security to businesses and shoppers alike. Through i-Pay, online payment processing is safe and secure. Confidence and trust between clients and businesses are built and secured, based on one of the most consistent network infrastructures available.

EV SSL Certificate

Trusted and verified sites will present a green area in the address bar, so shoppers need never be concerned as to whether the information passed to us is secure during the online payment process.

EV SSL Certificate | I-pay Instant EFT
Extra Security | I-pay Instant EFT

Extra Security

Personal data remains private

As i-Pay or the business do not access the sensitive and confidential information of shoppers, their personal data remains entirely safe and private.

Business Protection Programme

Our free protection programme for businesses ensures that they receive funds that have not arrived in their accounts for an amount up to R10, 000 when payment processing occurs with i-Pay.

Identity Theft

Through our secure online payment processing service, consumers are able to keep all personal and financial information and data private, both from i-Pay and the merchant, thereby significantly lowering the opportunity for identity theft and fraud to occur online.

identity theft | I-pay Instant EFT

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